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It’s a great time to buy a home in Baton Rouge, LA! The city is growing, and there are great places to eat and have fun. Although this is a very...

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Your business is your largest asset, and you work hard each day to protect your company and its employees. You are probably familiar with the more...

Mold Sampling | General Inspection

There are several entrance points for moisture to invade your home or business. Perhaps you have a leak in your roof that has gone unnoticed...

Don’t let mold get you down—our trusted mold sampling service is the answer to all of your troubles!

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We are General Inspection of Baton Rouge, LA, and we are ready to exceed your expectations! We conduct site inspections for homes and businesses and compile detailed and thorough reports that are easily understood by all parties.

There is nothing worse than paying for an inspection and receiving a report that you do not understand. We want you to know the details of our findings so that you can properly address any issues. Best of all, our services are prompt and professional—we will have the report to you by the next business day!

No other company values your business and time as much as we do. We make customer satisfaction our highest priority, and we are always available to meet your needs. We enjoy giving our customers the power of knowledge, because we believe it helps to protect your investment. Your home or business is your most important asset, and knowing which issues need to be addressed can guarantee protection.

Before you purchase a home or commercial space, you should make sure that a thorough inspection has been completed. This significantly reduces your risk if something should occur after the purchase. It eases the pressure of a big decision and makes your purchase less stressful.

Our expertise and experience will work for you to protect your investment. Our reports are detailed and comprehensive, giving you all the pertinent information that you need. We guarantee that you will have our report emailed to you in a timely manner. No other company will work as hard for you!

From office building inspections to residential inspections, we have you covered. We can even conduct mold samplings if you have growing concerns about moisture on your property. Don’t waste time or money by working with a company that will not go the extra mile for you. Contact us today to schedule the only inspection you will need!