Mold Sampling

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Mold Sampling

Mold Sampling | General Inspection - Baton Rouge, LA

There are several entrance points for moisture to invade your home or business. Perhaps you have a leak in your roof that has gone unnoticed for a brief period. This is the perfect opportunity for mold to form. Sometimes mold is virtually harmless, and the only thing you need to do is eliminate the source of moisture.

Many times, however, this mold can be harmful and cause health complications ranging from allergic reactions to acute attacks. General Inspection is competent and prepared to conduct a mold sampling that can save you and your family from these health risks.

We have years of experience in conducting mold sampling across Baton Rouge, LA and beyond. Don’t work with another company that is not as experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to mold. It is not worth the risk!

Our team can test your mold sampling against organisms that are widely considered to pose primary health risks. The following organisms are found on this list: stachybotrys chartarum, aspergillus, penicillium, fusarium, trichoderma, and memoniella. If we discover that your mold sampling contains hazardous materials, you will be given one of four levels to indicate the level of response that is necessary:

• Level 1—small isolated areas (can be addressed by regular maintenance personnel)
• Level 2—mid-sized isolated areas (should be addressed by personnel with adequate training in contaminated mold)
• Level 3—large isolated area (should be addressed by a health and safety professional with extensive training in microbiological organisms)
• Level 4—extensive contamination (a health and safety professional must address the issue according to strict guidelines for abatement)

Allow our team to perform a thorough site inspection, and we will have our trained mold sampler assure you that your home or business is safe from contaminated mold. It is better to know whether or not your family or employees are safe than to deal with expensive repairs resulting from extensive mold contamination. Trust General Inspection with your valued assets!